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Do You Need An In-Home Contractor Background Check For Your National Contractor Network? How We Make It Easy

Background Screening | November 30, 2022
In-home contractor background check

Businesses that utilize a network of vendors and contractors can maintain compliance standards by performing an in-home contractor background check on all contractors. While conducting thorough background checks on contractors who provide services to your customers is vital, the process is often nuanced and complicated. The PlusOne Solutions team works to make background screening procedures simple and streamlined.

What Is An In-Home Contractor Background Check?

Background checks review public record information about individuals. The comprehensive information pertains to particular search parameters that inform on criminal history, sex offender crimes, motor vehicle records, identity verification, drug tests, sanctions, watchlists, and more. The results are compiled into a consumer report to be reviewed by the organization and kept on file.

These background check reports work to protect organizations and their customers from contractors that may pose a risk. Careful examination of results can shield a business from adverse incidents such as theft, assault, or accidents resulting in injury, or property damage that can permanently taint the reputation of a home services company.

Complications To Conducting An In-Home Contractor Background Check

Conducting a background check can run into complex legal challenges, such as:

Contractor Background Check Webinar

Consumer Reporting Acts:

This category of legislation is designed to protect the individual to whom a background check is being conducted. The most notable law with Federal application is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some states also have consumer reporting acts that control collection, retention, and use of an individual’s consumer data. Depending upon the circumstance, some cases may fall under Federal and state law.

Background Check Disclosure Requirements:

These requirements ensure that organizations disclose to contractors that a background check will be conducted before beginning a work assignment. It ensures they are aware of the purpose and occurrence of the background check.

Fair Chance Ordinances and Ban the Box (BTB) Regulations:

These  were enacted to emphasize an individual’s suitability for a particular job before information on their criminal record is considered. Most Ban the Box legislation only restricts initially gathered background check information and does not include a complete ban on obtaining information from an individual’s criminal record.

Marijuana Legislation Changes:

Independent contractor drug screening and background checks have been impacted by the more recent legalization of marijuana in different cities and states. The decriminalization of marijuana use in certain states, cities, and jurisdictions has resulted in previously- reported convictions that are no longer deemed criminal in more recent background checks.

How PlusOne Solutions Simplifies An In-Home Contractor Background Check

While legal limitations can be challenging to work around, the PlusOne Solutions system works to streamline background screening procedures in several strategic ways:

Tri-Party Approach To Compliance:

Our team at PlusOne Solutions works closely with company owners and contractor networks to ensure compliance at all levels is reached and maintained.

We take a tri-party approach to dealing with compliance standards, which means we interact with servicing companies, their contractors, and the customers that the servicing companies work with. Maintaining positive interactions with all levels in the contractor network chain can improve working relationships and achieve compliance program success.

Rigorous Quality Assurance:

We operate in an industry that is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our team ensures consumer reports have been compiled and verified accurately. We also utilize multiple internal programs and steps to cross-reference all screening data. This dedication to quality and accuracy also stretches to our other service options.

Comprehensive And Continuous Compliance Options:

In-home contractor background checkWhat makes our compliance system particularly unique is our single platform accessibility. From online portals, companies can view an in-home contractor background check, track COIs, print badges, and verify licenses from one centralized location. Our reporting platform and data integration method allows contractor compliance steps to be done quickly and continuously from one vendor.

Contact us today to learn more about how implementing our solutions can help contribute to your overall company compliance goals.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

About PlusOne Solutions

PlusOne Solutions has been an industry leader in the risk management field by specializing in compliance programs that meet the complex challenges of geographically dispersed contractors, vendors, and employee networks. PlusOne Solutions protects companies from possible financial, legal, and reputational risks associated with contractor and vendor relationships while creating safer work environments. To learn more, visit

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