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4 Signs You Need More Than a One-Time Background Check

Background Screening | September 28, 2022
One-Time Background Check

When your organization uses a contracted service network to deliver, install, repair, or otherwise support your products, you know this approach presents an ongoing risk. Having a one-time background check program for those contractors is important but that certainly is not enough and this blog will cover 4 signs that you need more than a one-time background check.

4 Signs You Need More Than a One-Time Background Check

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#1 – Risk Does Not End

A background check is a point-in-time check and contains details like criminal record information, that is subject to change at any time. People’s lives and life circumstances change and that can alter the potential risk they bring to the service network. Not every criminal incident will be cause for concern, but the important thing is for your organization to have access to this information to determine if it will be of impact. For this reason, re-checking at a regular interval, or adding a component like continuous criminal monitoring [link], is a great way to mitigate risk in an ongoing manner. The one-and-done approach simply does not demonstrate due diligence or provide the access needed for an organization to continually protect itself and its operations.

#2 – Multiple Layers Minimize Risk

Conducting background checks at the time of onboarding a contractor is a great way to minimize risk. Adding a consistent rescreening or criminal record monitoring, however, provides additional layers of protection beyond the first check to ensure the organization is using multiple approaches when engaging a contractor network. While the initial background check is certainly important, being able to recheck information for example every two years, ensures that the organization’s standards are reinforced and the contactor continues to meet the requirements of network participation. Layering on the proactive use of continuous criminal record monitoring allows for a risk mitigation effort to span the gap between the rescreen cycle and alert the organization to any potentially concerning behavior.

#3 – Options are out there

Years ago when organizations began moving to background screening theirOne-Time Background Check contractors, that was a novelty in itself. As the industry and access to data have evolved, more options have been made available, and in some cases become the norm, for organizations to leverage to further protect their brand, reputation, and operations. When an issue arises, it is no longer sufficient to say “wow, they are a criminal? I had no idea.” It was not ever acceptable, but it may have been more common a decade ago.

With the advent of online record repositories, the continued aggregation of data, the increase in varied sources, and other influencing factors, access to relevant information has become more timely, cost-effective, and available. Being able to demonstrate due diligence is in the hands of organizations and is no longer a secret or difficult task.

#4 – Customers Expect it

When you are sending a contractor into your customer’s home, they want to feel safe and want to make sure those individuals have been background checked. Although it is not your organization directly that is entering their home, the homeowner sees no difference between your contracted network and your organization. They expect you to protect them, to know who is working on your jobs and that whoever is entering their home has been vetted. 

In data collected for PlusOne by Mindspot Research, fully 90% of homeowners assume in-home service providers have passed a background check; 20% did not feel safe when a provider was in their home and 35% were still concerned for their safety after the provider had left. Being able to demonstrate due diligence in the selection and retention of your service network goes a long way in building your brand and reputation, putting your customers at ease, and becoming a product of choice in the market. If one screening will help them feel that security, it stands to reason that continual rescreens and active criminal record monitoring throughout the contractor’s engagement with your organization will make an even more positive impression.


Times are changing and with the speed of business and the impact of negative social media, organizations need to do everything they can to protect their organizations and the customers they serve. A complete and compliant background check process is a key risk mitigation tool easily accessible to organizations of all sizes. PlusOne is a ready and able partner to join you on that journey.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

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