Badging and Credentialing

Establish credibility with electronic and hard badges

Man demonstrating CheckMyBadge badging solution by PlusOne Solutions, Inc.One in five consumers did not feel safe when a service provider was entering their home. Of that same group, 35 percent were still concerned about their safety even after the service person had left their home. Put your customers at ease with interactive badges and showcase your professionalism at the forefront of your business.

Badging and credentialing work. They provide peace of mind and identify your business as one that cares about the safety and security of its customers.

Using PlusOne Solutions’ badging and credentialing program CheckMyBadge, verified workers wear a badge with their name and picture on it clearly identifying them as your representative. You can send this information to the Customer before the worker arrives at their home.  Then, Customers can verify the validity of the badge by simply using a smartphone to scan a QR code on the badge or logging onto

When a customer looks up the worker’s badge, they will be able to see additional information on the background screening and drug testing programs in which these workers have successfully participated, further reassuring them of their safety and boosting their overall confidence in your company’s services.

8 out of 10 customers choose service companies who advertise their safe hiring practices.

The Benefits of Badging


When customers see your demonstration of commitment to their safety and security by having a safe contracting program in place, a positive word about your business will spread. helps your customers verify the service professional at their door:

 ✔️ Legitimate employee of the company you hired

✔️ Passed a thorough background check

✔️ Care about Customer’s safety


Ready to join the elite companies that prove their commitment to customer safety? Contact us to find out how you can become a company.


Learn More About Badging

In addition, we provide you with a web-based portal that can be accessed 24/7 while you’re on-the-go. The portal can also be integrated with any platform you may use to track compliance and/or dispatch work.

Features include:

  • Dashboard that reports high-level and detailed compliance figures
  • Easily search by contractor for current and past insurance information for auditing and claim purposes
  • Central repository for your network’s certificates of insurance and other insurance documentation for streamlined retrieval and printing
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