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Certificates of Insurance (COI) Management

Ensure insurance compliance with our proactive approach

certificate of liability insurance concept, documents on the desktopManaging certificates of insurance (COI) compliance is time-consuming and complex, yet it is critical to reduce your risk and protect your reputation. That is why more and more network managers are outsourcing certificates of insurance management, functions, and processes to experts who can handle it for them.

Specializing in contractor and vendor networks, PlusOne Solutions understands the need to efficiently, quickly, and accurately process all your compliance documentation to ensure your contractors and vendors are compliant when providing services to your customers. Minimizing the disruption in operations due to compliance is critical to your business. We use specialized processors who understand COIs as well as an automated process to ensure that certificates of insurance are received in a timely and accurate manner. Our unmatched solution ensures your contractor network is fully compliant with your certificate of insurance standards, freeing up valuable time and resources for your organization.

  Dedicated partner to help you meet compliance goals

  Hands-on team to review each Certificate of Insurance (COI) as well as endorsements

  24/7 access to compliance reporting through a portal

  Online document management


Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your COI Management

  • Expert understanding of COIs

We provide highly specialized COI processors with intimate knowledge of the industry and who understand the nuances and challenges involved.

  • Reduce costs associated with admin, insurance, and claims

The time and resources you devote to taking on the task of managing your certificates of insurance in-house can increase rapidly. When you partner with PlusOne Solutions, you will see a reduction of associated admin costs because our dedicated team of insurance experts and automated process work together to create efficiencies. This will also decrease rejected insurance-related claims, ultimately saving your organization money.

  • Improve compliance rates across your network

When PlusOne Solutions manages your COI process, you will see improved compliance rates. Our team of highly experienced professionals will do the job and do it right.

  • Reduce exposure to underinsured or uninsured contractors and vendors to lower your risks

The entire goal of COI tracking is to protect yourself and your business, why risk handling that yourself? Improperly handling your COI management can increase your risk of working with vendors or contractors that could potentially burn you down the line and may have a negative impact on your reputation.

  • Streamline the certificates of insurance (COI) management process with a centralized system

Minimizing disruption in operations due to non-compliance is critical. Save yourself the headache of doing it yourself and partner with a team that will streamline the entire process for you.


What Our Customers Say

“PlusOne Solutions has provided us a highly efficient means of tracking and maintaining our 4,000+ service provider certificates of insurance. The customer service team members are skilled and always willing to assist us when issues arise. They are focused and treat us as though we are their only customer and the PlusOne Solutions technical support team is extremely helpful and has always provided us workable solutions to our requests for assistance and training. We find the software to access the system very user friendly. PlusOne Solutions has been a great business partner.”

– Wes, Manager of Global Risk Management


“PlusOne Solutions’ aggressive approach and expert understanding of the insurance industry has led to increased efficiency in our system, which results in our service companies and, ultimately our clients, having a higher level of satisfaction and a professional experience for all parties involved.”

– Judy W., OEM Insurance and Compliance Coordinator


“PlusOne Solutions has been an excellent partner to our company as a certificate tracking solution. The team has consistently and continuously adapted to our model to ensure the needs of our company are met. The staff is a pleasure to work with. I already recommended PlusOne Solutions to others!”

– Molly, Insurance Manager


“I am a service provider for several companies and the companies that use PlusOne Solutions for compliance are always my favorite to do business with because they can share my information. If it is a background check, drug test, business license, business insurance, vehicle insurance or the services your company provides. We only have to provide the information one time. Amazing. They always save my company time and money.”

–          Geoffrey C., Service Provider

Learn More About COI Management

In addition, we provide you with a web-based portal that can be accessed 24/7 while you’re on-the-go. The portal can also be integrated with any platform you may use to track compliance and/or dispatch work. 

Features include:

  • Dashboard that reports high-level and detailed compliance figures
  • Easily search by contractor for current and past insurance information for auditing and claim purposes
  • Central repository for your network’s certificates of insurance (COIs) and other insurance documentation for streamlined retrieval and printing
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