Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Ongoing background checks

A proactive compliment to standard background checks, the Continuous Criminal Monitoring program is an FCRA-compliant service that provides near real-time alerts on U.S. arrest, booking or incarceration activity that occurs within your service network or the workforce after the initial background check.

Criminal issues that occur between the standard two-year rescreen cycles can often go undetected and the ongoing monitoring allows organizations to see alerts on criminal activity that may occur in their network, including DUI, assaults, theft, and more, which may increase the company’s risk and liability.

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Continuous Criminal Monitoring vs. Traditional Background Checks

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Companies that rely on contractor networks of varying sizes are challenged with maintaining compliance throughout their relationship with a contractor. Although they conduct periodic background checks on their network every two years, how do they know if something happens in the meantime? That’s the information gap that Continuous Criminal Monitoring could potentially solve.

Instead of reviewing only historical results like a traditional background check provides, continuous criminal record monitoring is the ongoing process of reviewing U.S. county-level criminal activity, as it occurs, and provides notice within 24 hours of an arrest, incarceration or booking event.
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While ongoing criminal monitoring does not completely eliminate the need for periodic comprehensive background checks, PlusOne Solutions’ sources cover more than 90 percent of the population and is a suitable search to identify potential behavior that may pose a risk to your business, customers, brand, and reputation.

How it Works

Continuous monitoring is the ongoing process of reviewing records on an individual that may flag internal threats and safety concerns. It is a helpful tool in a comprehensive workforce risk management strategy and will be best supported when used with a self-reporting policy, which encourages individuals to come forward with any relevant information that may impact contract program participation.

Using the individual’s name, and date of birth, this service will provide access to near-real time i data from US county jails and Department of Corrections facilities. The continuous monitoring will typically provide notice to PlusOne within 24 hours of an incarceration or booking event. Incarceration and booking alerts provide a proactive tool and more timely information over a wider geographic area than a local level county record check.

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Based on agreement with the customer, PlusOne may provide notification may be provided at the alert, verification, or adjudication (sentencing) stage of the identified event. A risk relevancy matrix must be on file if PlusOne will be responsible for verification or review/action of results. All records should be reviewed in line with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidance which uses the nature and gravity of the offense and nature of the job they will be doing to determine if the issue will impact the individual’s eligibility.

This service is only available on active contractor individuals in the PlusOne system and is not attached to any other service offering or screening package conducted by PlusOne. We may also include employees in the program, if desired. A valid disclosure and authorization must be on file for any individual in the monitoring program. Monitoring results are effective from the date the individual is entered in the monitoring program forward. Results are not historical.

Criminal monitoring service
* Individuals will be added or removed from the monitoring service based on their active / inactive status in the PlusOne database or otherwise agreed. Status is drawn from the system at each month end and will be billed based on that information. Changes to the individuals in the monitoring program may take up to 30 days from the effective date of the change.

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