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The tracking and verification of licenses is a difficult task for any network manager. With the number of different state and local licensing requirements that exist, just keeping up with what is needed can be a full-time job, especially if you add in the time and effort required to ensure your contractors/vendors have and maintain the proper licenses.

PlusOne Solutions offers a full-service tracking, collection, verification, and reporting system to improve your network’s compliance and free up valuable organizational resources. We verify and monitor license status against state agency databases to ensure the validity of current licenses and ensure no lapses in expiration.

Why you should be monitoring licenses:

Ensuring that a contractor has a trade-specific license usually means that they’ve completed a minimum number of hours of work as an apprentice and that they passed standardized tests to be qualified to perform a specific type of work/trade. This will ensure higher quality of work performed for the client. This also means a better customer experience with having the work completed the right way to begin with.

  • Many license issuing agencies will ensure that other criteria is met and maintained during the life of the license, such as having insurance coverage and bonds. Ongoing license tracking to ensure they are not suspended/revoked is another way you can be notified when issues arise with a contractor.
  • Some states legally require you to use a licensed contractor to perform service work. This can expose you to additional risk and liability. Should a problem arise, a contract may not be legally enforceable, the client may have to assume financial responsibility for faulty work, or cover injury costs in the unfortunate event that the contractor is injured on the job.

Why PlusOne Solutions


Our solution is adapted to meet the needs of your business. We succeed when you do. As such, we work with you to meet your compliance goals. Whether you have an existing compliance program or just getting started, we are there to help along the way by providing industry and best practices as well as a tailored approach specific to your network. 


Because customer success is central to our business, we take a very hands-on approach to license tracking. We use specialized processors who understand licensing and manually review, verify and personally check all licenses up for review.

Customized & Robust Reporting

Since not every license verification is one size fits all, we offer customized and robust reporting, we work tirelessly to create solutions that fit your needs and give you exactly what you need. Our tailored license and certification requirements are based on the scope of work performed specific to your contractor/vendor. We even offer reporting of licenses for multiple jurisdictions.


Here at PlusOne Solutions, we don’t just do the job, we do it right. We know that you put a great deal of trust into us, for this reason we take care of every step of the verification process. We make every attempt using the most modern and advanced technology available to us to verify the licenses of contractors. Additionally, we perform continuous monitoring for suspended and revoked licenses. Each month, we will verify that the license in question hasn’t been suspended or revoked. 


We handle every part of the license screening and verification. We don’t just report back to you, but we can perform online obtainment and verification of licenses and renewals from state issuing boards as well. (Where available).

Rather than waiting for after licenses expire, we actually attempt to verify online license renewals starting 14 days prior to the expiration date and continue to monitor 14 days past expiration until renewed. 


Notices are periodically sent to the contractor/vendor reminding them that it is time to renew their license. If we are unable to verify the license online through state issuing boards, we will call the contractor/vendor prior to expiration.

Learn More About License Monitoring

In addition, we provide you with a web-based portal that can be accessed 24/7. The portal can also be integrated with any platform you may use to track compliance and/or dispatch work.

Features include:

  • Dashboard that reports high-level and detailed compliance figures
  • Easily search by contractor for current and past insurance information for auditing purposes
  • Central repository for your network’s licenses for streamlined view or retrieval and printing
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