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If you count on a network of subcontractors to perform work for clients on your behalf, you have to be aware of the risks involved. Although these vendors don’t work exclusively for you, they are representing your brand every time they set foot in your customers’ homes. If you can’t provide guarantees that these contractors will be professional and get the job done right, your members can lose faith in you. For instance, workers who have not been properly tested for drug use may perform work in an impaired state, presenting a safety risk. If you don’t know which of your subcontractors are licensed and insured, you may face significant legal consequences.

All of this underscores the need for compliance solutions that enable you to give your members peace of mind. Comprehensive compliance services ensure the vendors you work with meet all the necessary standards. With risk management solutions provided by experts, you won’t have to cross your fingers every time you send a subcontractor to take care of your customers.

As the industry’s most trusted provider of compliance solutions and only comprehensive risk management, and mitigation provider, PlusOne Solutions protects you from the financial, legal and reputational risks associated with your contractor and vendor relationships. When you have our independent contractor management services working for you, it becomes much easier to manage your risks and prevent unfortunate incidents from hurting your business.

Contractor Screening

Criminal Background Checks, Motor Vehicle Reports, Drug Testing, Badging

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Employment Screening

Criminal Background checks, Motor Vehicle Reports, Drug Testing, Verification

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COI Management

Ensure insurance compliance with our proactive approach

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License Monitoring

Confirm necessary license and certification requirements

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Badging and Credentialing

Establish credibility with electronic and hard badges compatible with

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TIN Matching

Reduce IRA fines with our thorough verification process

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