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Home Warranty Industry

To Lower Total Costs and Reduce Risk

Comprehensive Background Check Program for the Home Warranty Industry

Background check programs are crucial for protecting the interests of customers and contractors in the Whole Home Warranty industry. By implementing a comprehensive background check program, Home Warranty companies can mitigate potential operational, legal, and reputational risks. 

We understand that customer safety is a top priority for your business. Therefore, our Background Check Program is designed to align with this priority and provide peace of mind to your customers. 

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Contractor Background Check Services

Why Run Home Warranty Background Checks?

Contractors in the Home Warranty Industry interact with customers who rely on them to protect their homes and property. These contractors have access to customers’ homes and sensitive information, making it crucial to hire trustworthy individuals for the job. 

Not every contractor requires the same type of background check. PlusOne Solutions excels at creating tailored background check packages that fit the unique needs of each contractor role. Your dedicated customer success manager will take the time to understand the different types of contractors you hire and recommend the most appropriate background check package for each one. 


Background checks that meet the challenges of geographically dispersed contractor networks

Contractor Background Checks

Keys to Defining a Common Home Warranty Industry Background Check Package

Select the Components; SSN Verification, Indentify Check, Courts, Sex Offender Registries, etc.
Depth And Breadth

Determine how far back to search, 3, 5, or 7 years and current location, or all locations in last 7 years

Renewal Frequency
Define how frequently the drivers must renew their background check; no renewal, annually, or every 2 years.
Continous Criminal Monitoring
Establish if the program includes a daily check for arrests, bookings, or incarceration events that occur.

Is Continuous Criminal Monitoring Worth It?

A proactive complement to standard background checks, the Continuous Criminal Monitoring program is an FCRA-compliant service that provides near real-time alerts on U.S. arrest, booking or incarceration activity that occurs after the initial background check.

Criminal issues that occur between the regular screening renewals can often go undetected, and the ongoing monitoring allows organizations to see alerts on criminal activity that may occur, including DUI, assaults, theft, and more, which may increase the company’s risk and liability.

Establish Credibility with Electronic Badges

PlusOne Solutions Includes Free Electronic Badges with Every Successful background Check Content

In previous studies, one in five consumers did not feel safe when an unknown individual was providing service. Of that same group, 35 percent were still concerned about their safety even after the service person had left. Put your customers at ease with interactive badges and showcase your professionalism at the forefront of your business.

Badging and credentialing work. They provide peace of mind and identify your business as one that cares about the safety and security of its customers.

Using PlusOne Solutions’ badging and credentialing program CheckMyBadge, and your customer notification program, you can send this information electronically to the Customer before the driver arrives including an image of the driver. Then, Customers can verify the validity of the badge by simply using a smartphone to scan a QR code on the badge or logging onto

8 out of 10 customers choose service companies who advertise their safe hiring practices.

Why Choose PlusOne Solutions

Working with industry stakeholders, PlusOne Solutions has helped identify and set common contractual compliance standards such as Insurance Requirements and Background Checks, benefiting all stakeholders and promoting professional companies.

Previous successes include In-Home Service, Appliance Repair, Extended Product and Home Warranty, and Final Mile Industries.

What Our Customers Are Saying

PlusOne Solutions, through their screening and adjudication processes, provides peace of mind in knowing the job is well done and frees up my time to focus in other areas.  The best part about working with PlusOne Solutions is their extraordinary customer service.  I always receive a quick response to any questions or concerns and any issues I have are handled professionally and promptly. It is always a pleasure working with their staff!  There are many benefits that we receive from partnering with PlusOne Solutions! The customer service is top-class! In addition, the services they provide fit our business needs as they provide comprehensive screening services that I trust!  I would always recommend PlusOne Solutions. Their customer service stands out above any other company that I have used, and this is priceless.

Tammi L
Appliance Manufacturer

Over the years I have worked with several different screening companies however PlusOne Solutions has by far been the best to work with! Not only does PlusOne offer a variety of services, but they work expediently and accurately. If you have any questions, their team is always available and extremely knowledgeable. Their portal system is user friendly and ordering a background is just as easy. I also really appreciate the thoroughness in the searches performed. It allows for peace of mind knowing that all the I’s have been dotted and T’s crossed, especially in our industry where we are in customer’s homes on a daily basis. I am grateful we have built a relationship with PlusOne and look forward to a long partnership with them for years to come!

Deana Hernandez

PlusOne Solutions is a great partner, we must have our Contracted Service Providers background screened before they are dispatched to a home, school, hospital and business offices etc. They provide their service in a timely manner, in addition to the screening they support us with document management. Our account manager is Carl, he is an excellent communicator and the whole team great to work with. I would recommend PlusOne Solutions for all your background screening and document management needs. Sincerely, Doug

Doug Henry
Appliance Manufacturer

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