Streamline Certificate of Insurance (COI) Managment, Reduce Costs, and Increase Protections in the Home Warranty Industry

Comprehensive Certificate of Insurance Management Program for Contractor Networks in the Home Warranty Industry

Certificate of Insurance management is crucial for protecting your interests, as well as the interests of your customers and the contractors performing the services on your behalf. By implementing a comprehensive Certificate of Insurance management program, Home Warranty companies can mitigate potential financial, operational, legal, and reputational risks. 

We understand when unforeseen incidents, accidents, injury, or damage occur resulting from the contractor’s work, besides quickly taking care of your customer, you will incur operational and financial costs to resolve the accident. In the event the contractor’s insurance policy has lapsed, or does not meet your company’s requirements, the costs can be exponential. and you will have sunk costs in time and your costs in time and set that customer safety is a top priority for your business.  

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Key Benefits of Professional COI Management for the Home Warranty

Managing COI compliance is crucial for the Home Warranty industry, yet it can be time-consuming and complex. That is why increasingly, more network managers are turning to experts to outsource certificates of insurance management, functions, and processes. 

At PlusOne Solutions, we specialize in providing COI management services for contractor and vendor networks in the Home Warranty industry as well as many other home service industries where contractors are used.  

We understand the importance of efficiently and accurately processing compliance documentation to ensure that your contractors and vendors are fully compliant when providing services to your customers. Our automated process and specialized processors, working with the insured’s insurance agents, ensure that certificates of insurance are received in a timely and accurate manner, minimizing the disruption to your operations, and reducing your costs. 

Our solution provides unmatched support for your organization, ensuring that your contractor network is fully compliant with your COI standards and freeing up valuable time and resources for your business. Choose PlusOne Solutions for expert COI management that delivers results and peace of mind. 

Key Benefits of Professional COI Management for the
Home Warranty Industry

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Create Consistent Insurance Requirements

Creating insurance coverage standards to protect your company and your customers, while attracting better contractors and identifying contractors that pose risks, is what we do every day.  

At PlusOne Solutions, we work with the Home Warranty Industry, and similar service industries, to gather best practices, as well as looking at tens of thousands of contractors’ coverages, to identify trends and benchmarks, including:  

Types of coverage  

    • Coverage Limits for Property and Bodily Injury 
    • Additional Insured Coverage including Completed Operations 
    • Waivers of Subrogation  
    • Variations based on the trades or services being performed, or 
    • When Excessive Liability coverages may be needed 
Commercial General Liability
Auto Insurance
Worker's Compensation
Umbrella Liability

Improve Communication

We use specialized processors who understand COIs as well as an automated process to ensure that certificates of insurance are received in a timely and accurate manner. 

Our team also works directly with the insured’s Insurance Agents improving your compliance metrics, increasing responsiveness of COI renewals, and reducing your risks of non-compliance.

Our unmatched solution ensures your operator network receives clear, accurate communication, that is fully compliant with your certificate of insurance standards, freeing up valuable time and resources for your organization.

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Deliver Consistent Results

Our company works differently than others in the industry. We do not rely on overseas call centers, self-service software platforms, or constant transfers to different departments. Instead, you will have direct access to our dedicated team who are focused on supporting Auto Clubs, Administrators, Roadside Professionals and Operators while ensuring your overall success. 

Why Choose PlusOne Solutions

PlusOne Solutions specializes in industries similar to the Professional Roadside and Towing Industry, where Roadside Operators contract and provide their services to multiple Motor Clubs, Insurance Companies, Police Departments, and Municipalities. 

Working with industry stakeholders, PlusOne Solutions has helped identify and set common contractual compliance standards such as Insurance Requirements and Background Checks, benefitting all stakeholders and promoting professional companies. Previous successes include in-Home Service, Appliance Repair, Extended Product and Whole Home Warranty, and Final Mile Industries.

What Our Customers Are Saying

PlusOne Solutions is a great partner for our service network and our administrative teams. In our multi-year relationship with PlusOne we have experienced a shared focus to provide our Consumer's piece of mind when service is needed. PlusOne ensures the service network and technicians have completed and up-to-date insurance policies, background checks, and drug screens. Our account manager is consistently proactive in her approach to communicating any pending changes in the screening landscape or legal requirements. PlusOne makes everything so effortless, my team has more time to focus on our other administrative processes. I am extremely thankful for the ongoing partnership.

Shannon M. McGuffey
Appliance Manufacturer

Over the years I have worked with several different screening companies however PlusOne Solutions has by far been the best to work with! Not only does PlusOne offer a variety of services, but they work expediently and accurately. If you have any questions, their team is always available and extremely knowledgeable. Their portal system is user friendly and ordering a background is just as easy. I also really appreciate the thoroughness in the searches performed. It allows for peace of mind knowing that all the I’s have been dotted and T’s crossed, especially in our industry where we are in customer’s homes on a daily basis. I am grateful we have built a relationship with PlusOne and look forward to a long partnership with them for years to come!

Deana Hernandez

PlusOne Solutions is a great partner, we must have our Contracted Service Providers background screened before they are dispatched to a home, school, hospital and business offices etc. They provide their service in a timely manner, in addition to the screening they support us with document management. Our account manager is Carl, he is an excellent communicator and the whole team great to work with. I would recommend PlusOne Solutions for all your background screening and document management needs. Sincerely, Doug

Doug Henry
Appliance Manufacturer

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