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4 Ways to Create a Comprehensive Background Check When Using a Vendor Network

Background Screening | October 4, 2021
Comprehensive Background Check

An accurate and comprehensive background check cannot be omitted from your contractor risk management strategy.

There is an old adage that “you can have speed, quality or low-cost…but not all three.” When it comes to background checks for your contractor and vendor network, this could not be more true. In order to truly protect your organization from risks, you need to ensure you are creating a comprehensive background check program for your contractor network and these are four ways to do that.

Avoid online, do-it-yourself database options

There is no shortage of cheap, instant online background check options available today. These are often incomplete, lack detailed records and do not use proper identification information or other searches to cross-reference data and ensure the information being reported is accurate. 

Missing records, not conducting the appropriate searches, neglecting to include all given names for an individual, or relying on a report that is faulty, can create a false sense of security about how well you are actually mitigating risk across your network. 

Maintaining a consistent and comprehensive background check with a partner who can ensure your program will deliver the protection and expectations you deliver is important otherwise you will not be able to demonstrate due diligence if an issue arises, or you are subject to an audit. 

Don’t let the people down

In today’s safety and privacy-conscious environment, letting someone in your home comes with inherent risks. In order for your consumers and suppliers to be comfortable dealing with your organization, they want to know you are looking out for them and their safety. This means they expect that you are background screening anyone who represents your company. 

Unfortunately, when an issue occurs, the organization that gets theComprehensive Background Check negative press isn’t just going to be your contracted partner but it will extend back to you, especially if a claim or lawsuit is going to be filed. It is at this point that your screening program will be called into question. We encourage you to be sure you have a way to demonstrate solid due diligence and be able to point to a concerted effort to protect your customers. 

Once is never enough – beware the “one and done” approach

Things change, life circumstances and relationships change and that can cause a change in behavior for those individuals in your service network. In order to ensure that you continually minimize risk, consider implementing a rescreening process for all active contractors who service, deliver, and represent your products. 

This ensures an ongoing message to your network about your commitment to professionalism and safety of consumers and sets a standard for your organization that competitors must now meet. The need to protect your brand, organization, and program does not end with just the initial background screening.

Exceeding Expectations

A truly comprehensive background screening program includes not just the initial screen, and a rescreen but also includes a measure of monitoring between the screening periods. Adding continuous criminal record monitoring is a proactive way to monitor the criminal record behavior which may put your organization, brand, and network at risk. 

This product allows you to cover the gaps between full screenings, reiterates the message to your network, suppliers, and customers that you take their safety seriously, and provides information that may allow you to mitigate risk far earlier than the standard background screening results.

Using data from county jails and correctional facilities, you can receive an early warning if there are issues with individuals that may require further review. While an arrest alone may not be an issue, it is important to be aware and work with the individual to ensure the full situation, and any possible impacts, are understood.


While we know the opportunity for a cheap and easy background check can be attractive, if risk mitigation and compliance are important to your organization, you’ll want to create and follow a program that provides the protection you need. No background check will be a complete guarantee against issues but availing yourself and your organization of the most important and relevant information to make these decisions is the differentiator in being able to demonstrate due diligence and just checking a box so you can sleep at night.

Working with a contractor risk management solutions provider like PlusOne Solutions can help to reduce your organization’s liability in strategic ways. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

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