Contractor Network Motor Vehicle Reports to Screen Your Contractor

Background Screening | February 16, 2021
Contractor Network Motor Vehicle Reports

In the US, there are over 227.5 million licensed drivers and in Canada, there are between 26 and 27 million licensed drivers. However, not every driver on the road is a safe driver and just confirming someone has a valid driver’s license is not enough to manage risks associated with a contractor and vendor network driving on behalf of your company. One search in the background checking portfolio that can help is the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) search.

Understanding the reasons and information contained in an MVR search can help determine if this search will be a valuable addition to your Workforce Compliance program.

Keep reading to learn more about what an MVR search contains and why contractor network motor vehicle reports may be an important part of your Workforce Compliance program.

What is an MVR search?

An MVR search is a report of driving history, as reported from the state Department of Motor Vehicles (in the US) or the government entity (in Canada) which issues driver licenses. Even though it is typically called a motor vehicle report, we are really looking at driver abstract and license history information, not vehicle data.

Why run an MVR report?

The MVR search can help identify candidates with unsafe driving records, and help you assess the risk related to driving of potential and current employees or contractors. MVR reports are typically requested when the individual will be driving for company work on a regular basis, in either their own vehicle or a company vehicle, if they will be required to transport passengers and to verify insurance coverage eligibility. The information returned in this search may also help demonstrate the length of driving history an individual has, that they are currently licensed, and the class(es) of license they hold.

Additionally, the MVR search is generally issued from government sources so the demographic details such as name(s), date of birth, or address information, contained therein can help verify the identity of the individual as it is generally using the legal name and information of the individual. This information may then be used to cross-reference to other searches where the correct and complete identification information is integral for accuracy. This also supports the integrity of the individual and the honesty of the information they submit. Oftentimes, slight variations in name, address or, date of birth information may impact the results of a criminal record search and increase the chances of missing a potentially impactful criminal record.

What information will be returned in an MVR search?

The length of driver history will vary by jurisdiction with at least three years of information and possibly up to 7 years. The information reported in MVRs may also vary and may include the following:

How long does an MVR search take?

In the US, MVR results are typically available within 24 hours; with most states returning results within minutes.

In Canada, the turnaround time is lengthier and may take upwards of 5 days for some provinces or territories. Depending on the results, some may also require further review or adjudication.

Are special forms or processes required for an MVR search?

For reach request, the driver to be screened for contractor network motorContractor Network Motor Vehicle Reports vehicle reports needs to provide their name, driver’s license number, and jurisdiction (state, province, or territory) of issuance.

In the US, most states will accept compliance with the Driver Protection Privacy Act (DPPA) based on the standard authorization statement submitted with a background screen. There are a handful of states – New Hampshire, Washington, Puerto Rico, and Pennsylvania – that have an additional, unique consent statement and process which must be followed. In some jurisdictions, a copy of the driver’s license may be requested to accompany the consent and request.

In Canada, some provinces can accept the standard authorization while most will suffice but over half do require unique forms. These forms and information are provided upon order.

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