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PlusOne Solutions Expanded Driver Record Search Service to Canada

Background Screening | Company News | September 3, 2020

PlusOne Solutions, a compliance and risk management solutions specializing in contractor networks, announced the expansion of their driving record search service to Canada*.

Officially called Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR), driving record searches provide companies the opportunity to confirm eligible drivers have an active license. Since anyone driving for a company could potentially put the organization at risk, MVRs help distinguish between safe drivers and potentially unsafe drivers.

“Before you let an employee or contractor get behind the wheel of a company car, it’s a good idea to run an MVR search to ensure they are a safe driver,” said Michelle Leblond, EVP of Compliance & Privacy at PlusOne Solutions.  “Expanding our driving record search service to Canada will allow our Customers to mitigate the risk of hiring and contracting drivers.”

The MVR search includes the class of the license, citation history, accident history, suspension information, license restrictions, and the current status of the driver’s license. The search scope changes depending on the individual jurisdiction; however, the search will go back at least three years but could potentially show more historical information depending on the province.

“We’re excited to offer our MVR search service in Canada and to continue helping more companies commit to safety on the road,” Leblond said.

*MVR Search is not available in Alberta.


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