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Our Roadside Assistance COI Compliance Services Team Answers Your FAQs

COI Management | August 7, 2023

When your company engages with roadside assistance contractors, it is important to meet every requirement that pertains to compliance. PlusOne Solutions answers some of your FAQs concerning roadside assistance COI compliance services today.

What Is Compliance and What Does It Mean When Referring To Roadside Assistance Contractors?

Compliance is a term that refers to the standards that are presented to contractors within an organization to ensure all necessary legal, state, federal or local laws and regulations, including company regulations, are adhered to by those within their network. An organization’s compliance strategy may include safety procedures, training programs, necessary certifications, and other measures that ensure that every individual that is professionally associated with the company meets legal and organizational requirements.

Compliance, when applied to roadside assistance contractors, should include requirements for necessary qualifications, licensure, and practicing safe behavior on the roadway and when assisting customers.

What Is A COI And Why Should Contractors Have One?

COI is an acronym for a certificate of insurance. These documents are issued by an insurance provider or broker and confirm the active dates and types of insurance that are held by the policyholder. A COI typically contains:

Partnering with a company that provides roadside assistance COI compliance services is one of the best ways that you can guarantee that your contractors have up-to-date COIs and that they are covered by the proper types of insurance coverage.

Why Are COIs Considered Challenging To Manage Independently?

Having proper insurance coverage is one of the most important parts of doing business. When your organization is focused on serving customers on the road, there must be no question of whether your contractors are properly covered by insurance.

Understanding what types of insurance are necessary, ensuring the policies are active, and knowing what they cover is a task that often requires a depth of knowledge and management skill that you may not always have time to offer in-house. This is why partnering with a professional COI management team can help your company to avoid common challenges associated with managing COI compliance. Making this choice can save your organization time, money, and create a more productive workplace for all involved.

What Does A Roadside Assistance COI Compliance Services Team Accomplish?

COI tracking helps to ensure that the contractors your company engages all meet insurance requirements. Attempting to accomplish COI tracking on your own can be an extremely tedious and stressful task, so partnering with an expert service is in your best interest. Our roadside assistance COI compliance services:

Partner With PlusOne Solutions Today

Making sure you fully understand COI compliance is critical when creating the best plan for the safety and efficiency of your business. Contact PlusOne Solutions today for roadside assistance COI compliance services.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

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