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Digging Deeper: Keys To Effective Contractor Criminal Background Checks For Tow Operators

Background Screening | August 14, 2023

As the prevalence of contractor arrangements continues to grow, it is important to understand the most effective methods for conducting contractor criminal background checks for tow operators. PlusOne Solutions shares what considerations should be made when screening these contractors.

Engaging with contractors is one of the best ways your company can effectively service a nationwide market and optimize the quality of services that your organization provides. Using contractors to deliver your company’s services helps take advantage of geographically dispersed networks with specific skill sets, but there are risks involved.

Making sure that your organization makes use of the most effective methods for contractor criminal background checks for your tow operators is necessary for keeping your customers safe and protecting your company’s brand and reputation.

When you are conducting criminal background screening on tow operators, it is vital that you verify that their background will meet the requirements of the job. If this step is not thoroughly performed, you may end up engaging with contractors who will jeopardize the ability to safely provide roadside assistance to your customers.

Be Thorough

It is important to conduct a thorough background check on your tow operators. PlusOne Solutions searches National Criminal Databases, Sex Offender Registries, and county criminal courthouse records to ensure that your contractor criminal background checks for tow operators inform you of any information that could pose a threat to the security of your customers or your company’s reputation.

Taking this step when conducting criminal background checks also protects your company from facing legal liability that would take place if a proper background screening was not performed. Our background screening process at PlusOne can meet your needs for roadside assistance background screening by revealing information that may affect a contractor’s ability to initially engage with and continue to provide service on behalf of your company.

Include Driving Record Reports

The essential function of a tow operator on the road includes driving. If your tow operators do not practice the highest levels of attention to safety on the road, this places your customers and other drivers at risk of injury, property damage, or fatality. Our contractor criminal background checks for tow operators include obtaining records from the Department of Motor Vehicles, which provides verification for:

All of this information is necessary for your company to engage the most qualified tow operators and will ensure higher levels of safety for other drivers.

Perform Ongoing Criminal Background Monitoring

Simply conducting an initial background check on the contractors within your network at the time of engagement does not provide for any future misconduct that may take place. Partnering with a company that provides ongoing criminal record monitoring will help your organization to avoid the repercussions of crimes that are committed by any contractors after they have engaged with your company.

As well as performing initial background screening on the tow operators you enter contractual agreements with, PlusOne Solutions provides continuous criminal monitoring. This monitoring is performed by obtaining consent from the contractor and pulls county criminal record information from various sources that provide records of actions that may reflect poorly on your organization or impact the contractor’s ability to perform services for your customers.

Partner With PlusOne Solutions Today for Roadside Assistance Contractor Background Screening

Partnering with a skilled and experienced background check company will help protect the safety of your customers and other motorists. Being able to delegate the process to professionals will take the challenges associated with this task out of your hands and place it in the hands of a team that can perform the background check, monitor for any other criminal activity over the course of the contractual agreement period, and keep your customers safe.

Contact us today to learn more about our contractor criminal background checks for tow operators.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

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