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Your Customers Rely On You To Conduct Roadside Assistance Contractor Background Checks: Here’s Why

Background Screening | Industry Information | June 26, 2023
Roadside assistance contractor background checks

Roadside assistance contractors help your customers get back on the road when the unexpected takes place. It is in these situations that your customers need reliable and safe service. Performing roadside assistance contractor background checks is one of the most significant steps your company can make in achieving this goal. 

Though the concept of modern background checks is relatively new, they have rapidly come to be accepted as the standard when engaging with contractors or hiring employees. Many people have had a background check performed on them when they apply for a new job. This process is a means of determining their credibility, identity, qualifications, and criminal background. Running roadside assistance contractor background checks for the contractors in your network is a crucial and necessary part of providing the best services to your clients. PlusOne Solutions highlights some ways that background checks allow your organization to accomplish this. 

The History of Background Checks

Prior to the advent of the modern background check, most employers relied on word of mouth and “good faith” when they determined which individuals to engage. 

“Negligent hiring” is a term that is well-known in the industrial world. This term formally describes the incidence of a company being held responsible for the actions of a contractor or employee within their network because they have failed to properly vet an individual prior to the onboarding process. Performing background checks on all of your contractors with PlusOne Solutions prevents this. Due diligence in the realm of background screening has become far easier with the advancements in modern technology and data storage.  

Your Customers Rely on You To Close The Gap

When we meet people in our daily lives, we have time to get to know them through personal interaction, conversation, asking questions, and getting a sense of their character through their relationships with others. While these methods are not considered “data” in the technical sense, the information people are able to gather from a consistent and ongoing relationship with others allows them to place trust in the other person’s words and actions. 

However, when one of your customers is in distress on the road, they have no prior relationship with the contractor who comes to their aid. Their trust in the contractor who assists them when they get a flat tire, run out of fuel, or are dealing with mechanical problems, is based on their trust in your company.

Your organization must be responsible for “closing the gap” of knowledge that exists between the customer and the contractor coming to their aid. If a customer, passenger, or any other driver on the road is injured or otherwise dealt with in a potentially-criminal manner by one of your contractors, you could face a major lawsuit, or diminished value and favor in the public eye, as a result.

Running Background Checks on Your Contractors Closes This GapRoadside assistance contractor background checks

Background checks gather relevant information on the contractors you are considering for your network. They may access public records, criminal history, and other necessary information that is relevant to roadside assistance contractors. By running thorough background checks on your contractors prior to working with them, you create a safer environment and provide more reliable services for your customer base. The customer has no way of obtaining most of the information about the contractors assisting them, they rely on your organization alone. This is why the background check that you run on your contractors is such a vital part of creating a reassuring business partnership and offering safe and reliable services to your customers.

Your Customers Expect Safety

While background screening cannot promise everything that takes place during a service appointment goes perfectly, it increases the likelihood that no loss, injury, or damage take place. The majority of customers assume and expect that your company performs accurate roadside assistance contractor background checks. 

Your Contractors Represent Your Business

Safety and reliability are critical factors in providing services to your customers. If an individual has a poor or even threatening experience with one of your contractors, you could face complicated lawsuits and a decline in the positive regard for your business. Running background checks on your contractors also prevents your company from experiencing the unfortunate results of one or both situations taking place. 

One of the best ways to avoid your company being misrepresented is to provide the highest level of attention to the credibility of the contractors within your network. This greatly reduces the risk of a customer having a negative experience, and the reassurance that you run background checks on each of your contractors can help them gain peace of mind.

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