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Why Vigilance in Screening is So Important: Insight From our Contractor Background Check Service

Background Screening | Industry Information | July 17, 2023
Contractor Background Check Service

As organizations continue to contract with third-party providers to deliver, service, install and repair equipment, deliver warranty services, and other projects, a detailed review of the individuals used in this process becomes an important step in the risk mitigation model the organization follows. Most organizations are addressing this need through the implementation of a robust background check program through a contractor background check service for their contracted workforces.

Given the risks and realities of the world today, there are numerous reasons why being vigilant with background screening is so important. In a tragic case in Texas last August, cable company Charter Communications (Spectrum) faced a multimillion-dollar lawsuit after one of their technicians murdered a woman (customer) in her home. The claim was predicated on the action that after an organizational change that created a merger with Time Warner Cable, the screening process was amended, and the individual was not sufficiently screened. We will review some reasons why background checking can be a valuable tool for organizations.

Operational Protection

Organizations spend a great deal of investment on developing solid products and services, and the need to protect these is never more prevalent than when third parties are invited into the fray. Having them access the intellectual property, products, or other company information is necessary for the effective delivery of their services. Engaging contractors or service companies with questionable background puts the organization at an elevated risk.

Industry Standards and Customer Expectations

Decades ago, no one thought to question who was coming into their home. We were a trusting society, and “bad eggs” were few and far between. Unfortunately, industry norms and practices and customer expectations have landed organizations in a position where it is expected that anyone representing their organization has been vetted and is considered competent, trustworthy, and reliable to deliver the services for which they have been engaged.

Reputational Damage

Without question, the speed of media, the daily news cycle, and bad news is faster than it has ever been. People feel no pause before posting and communicating their complaints when something goes wrong, and before you know it, an organization may see its image and reputation irreparably damaged. Ensuring that steps are taken to reduce the occurrence of poor work, criminal acts, or other negative behavior occurring in your network can be some of the positive outcomes of a background check. Reviewing an individual’s criminal, sex offender, drug testing, and driving history information can provide details about whether there is a potential risk.

Background checks are a commonplace way for organizations to protect themselves from a myriad of risks. In today’s business landscape, it is no longer operational but has instead become an expected and strong way to demonstrate due diligence. There is never a guarantee that the background check will turn up all information or that it will predict future negative behavior, but organizations can no longer be complacent and do nothing and hope everything will be ok. Reality has proven otherwise too many times.

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