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Why Due Diligence Is Important: Advice From a Contractor Background Check And Drug Screening Company 

Background Screening | July 31, 2023
Contractor background check and drug screening company

The customers who receive your organization’s services deserve to feel safe. PlusOne Solutions is the contractor background check and drug screening company that can help your organization achieve this goal.

Due diligence is demonstrated in the measures an organization takes to research and gather information about a contractor before engaging them to represent their organization and make contact with their customers. The practice of carrying out due diligence is of foremost importance when your organization engages new contracting networks. Without taking the steps necessary to inform the decision, loss to your organization, damage to your reputation, reductions in customer safety, and a decreased customer base could result. The good news is there is a way to mitigate these risks.

Performing due diligence by requiring background screening and drug testing before your contractors engage with your company is of vital importance. Until this screening is performed, you have no verifiable data indicating prior criminal activity, whether their qualifications are legitimate, or if there is a chance, they will attempt to perform services while under the influence of drugs.

Partnering with PlusOne Solutions means that you are taking a critical step in fully investigating the activity of your contractors as you are legally able. This protects your company and your customers in several important ways.

Conducting Background Screening Keeps Your Customers Safe

When you perform background screening on a potential contractor, you are taking a crucial step in protecting the safety of your customers. Before engaging any contractor, it is important to have a full picture of any pre-existing misconduct, including criminal and/or sexual offenses, misdemeanors, or fraudulent activity.

Choosing PlusOne Solutions as your contractor background check and drug screening company will provide your organization with a background check process that is comprehensive, accurate, and efficient. Partnering with a professional background check company provides many advantages, including keeping your customers safe, helping to maintain your organization’s credibility, and preventing financial and legal problems throughout the contracting agreement.

Conducting Background Screening Protects Your Company’s Reputation

There are many factors that contribute to the public’s trust in your company. One of the most crucial factors is working with contractors who provide exceptional service without causing damage or harm to customers.

Conducting background screening on all your contractors puts you in a position of strength when better predicting their behavior while delivering services. This is especially important for companies that engage contractors who interact with customers face-to-face.

Let us consider some real-life examples in different industries:

Home Repair Services: Imagine a home repair company that neglects background screening. They hire a contractor without conducting proper checks and discover later that the contractor has a history of criminal property damage. This results in dissatisfied customers and a damaged reputation for the home repair company.

Tow Operator: Consider a roadside assistance provider that fails to conduct background checks on their tow truck operators. They unknowingly hire an operator with a history of reckless driving and traffic violations. As a result, the operator causes accidents while on the job, endangering the safety of customers’ vehicles, the customers they may be transporting and tarnishing the reputation of the towing company.

Last Mile Delivery: Now, let us look at a company that provides last mile delivery services but neglects background screening. They hire a contractor without verifying their history, only to discover later that the contractor has a history of theft. This leads to incidents of missing or damaged packages, eroding customer trust in the delivery company.

By ensuring thorough background screenings for contractors in these industries, companies can make informed decisions, mitigate potential risks, and prioritize the safety and satisfaction of customers. This proactive approach not only protects the reputation of the company but also fosters a relationship of trust and reliability with customers.

Conducting Drug Screening as A Form of Due Diligence

According to the National Safety Council, almost 9% of adults have a substance use disorder, and those who are affected by drug addiction miss an additional two weeks of work per year, on average, compared to members of the workforce who do not participate in drug use. Individuals under the influence of drugs also have an increase in performance-related hazards, including impaired judgment and the inability to safely operate machinery.

These statistics alone should alert organizations seeking to engage with contractor networks of the prevalence and associated risks that present themselves when it comes to potential drug intoxication on the job and all other associated risks this problem presents.

PlusOne Solutions has years of experience in screening contractors for drug use. Taking this step will help your company avoid any possible legal ramifications that could be incurred should a contractor under the influence misuse equipment, cause an injury to himself or others, or cause damage to company or customer property.

Partner With PlusOne Solutions Today

Partnering with PlusOne Solutions means you are taking the steps necessary to protect your organization and your customers. Contact us today for effective and comprehensive contractor background screening and drug testing.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

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