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Why You Should Invest in a Contractor Background Check Service in 2023

Background Screening | February 13, 2023
Contractor Background Check Service

For various reasons, such as difficulty hiring qualified employees, business model changes, the need for a geographically diverse support network, an increase in resources during the pandemic, or even financial reasons, organizations may choose to engage a contractor network to service, deliver, install and repair their products. No matter the reason, knowing who you are contracting with is an important risk mitigation step and a reason to consider investing in a contractor background check service. 

For clarity, a contractor background check service means partnering with an organization, such as a consumer reporting agency, that can provide background check information on the individuals being engaged in your network. This is commonly done to reduce the operational, legal, reputational, and financial risks of using individuals who are not directly employed by your organization. This blog will dig a bit deeper into some of these reasons. 

Safety and Reputation 

Hiring a contractor is as risky as hiring an employee, maybe even more so because you do not have direct supervision of them and may not even see them directly during the course of their duties. Depending on the nature of the work, these contractors represent your company, have access to sensitive company or customer data, and may even enter the customer’s home. Ensuring contractors are fully background screened will help protect your company and network from those that may risk your customer’s safety and that of others working in your company. These risks can come in the form of theft, assault, property damage, and other relevant crimes. Negative customer experiences or bad press can impact your company’s reputation and revenue.


Treating independent contractors in a similar manner as you would a directly hired employee regarding background check requirements, could benefit an employer by providing a consistent vetting process to ensure all individuals who work for you undergo the same screening process. This will help mitigate risk by protecting your customers and making sure you have the information available to understand whether there is any risk in engaging the individual.

Cost / Savings

Using a contractor background service can help minimize costs and increase savings by:


On a company level, a screening will help verify that the information the contractor provided about themselves is correct and complete. The background check process sends a message about the values and importance of integrity that your organization holds. On a customer level, many are rightfully concerned about having a “stranger” come into their home to provide a service. However, sharing that your workforce has been successfully background screened provides comfort and increases the level of acceptance from the customer. As a result, you are helping to effectively build better relationships with your customers and ensure future revenue.

Benchmarking and Professional ExperienceContractor Background Check Service

A reputable contractor background check service will be aware of the best service offerings for your organization and be able to share their experience, insights, and ideas about how best to meet your risk mitigation goals. In many cases, you should be looking for a Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) accredited consumer reporting agency. PBSA’s accreditation program is a screening industry-recognized reflection of an organization’s demonstrated commitment to professionalism, continuous improvement, solid business practices, and compliance – all of which are integral to your organization’s success if you conduct background screenings. 

The potential financial, operational and reputational risk that can arise from a contractor that has not been properly vetted will far exceed the cost of a background check program. The investment in the process, message, and outcome of such a program is becoming commonplace among organizations that engage contractor networks and is an investment worthy of consideration in 2023. 

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