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How Our Background Check For Roadside Assistance Providers Streamlines Your Workflow

Background Screening | April 3, 2023
background check for roadside assistance providers

Our background check services for roadside assistance providers can help protect your customers and your reputation. Working with an experienced screening provider like PlusOne makes the screening process simple. 

When your contractors offer roadside assistance services to customers on your behalf, it’s vital that the motorists feel safe in their time of need. The first step in protecting the customer, and your reputation, is conducting thorough and consistent background checks for roadside assistance providers.

Identity Verification of the Contractor

When PlusOne Solutions handles your background check services, we start with a verification of the individual’s current name and possibly alternate names. It is our job to determine if the subject has any other “names” or “aliases” and if these additional names are legitimate and have appeared on legal documentation or criminal records in the past. If so, we may need to ensure they are included in the background check process. background check for roadside assistance providers

We are often given nicknames and must determine the full legal name of the subject so we can process this name through the relevant criminal databases. We also may use an alias along with the given name(s) when doing a county, state, or federal criminal and sex offender search.

Additionally, the verification process also ensures that the data of birth provided is accurate, as well as identification of any addresses that may need to be included in the searches. Any variation in the names, date of birth or address history information, can notably, and negatively, impact the background check process. 

While we understand that no search is 100% guaranteed, we constantly work to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and thorough background check searches possible. We are continuously improving our methods and researching best practices to improve the accuracy of our screenings. Beginning the screening process with the most accurate information possible allows us to deliver thorough and complete results to your organization.

MVR Checks

A driver’s MVR, or Motor Vehicle Record, is a comprehensive record of their driving history. An MVR includes a driver’s:

Your organization needs MVR background checks to ensure that your contractors have an active driver’s license. A clean driving history is a track record of safe and responsible driving and goes a long way in protecting your reputation and the safety of your customers.

Since your tow truck operators may be driving your branded company vehicles, MVR checks can limit your liability and decrease your insurance costs. PlusOne Solutions provides motor vehicle reports as part of our background check for roadside assistance providers.

Criminal Record Reports

In a background check for roadside assistance providers, you need to know if any of your roadside contractors have a criminal record. Researching criminal records typically includes going back seven years before the date of the background screening and looking for records of criminal convictions which may bring risk to the network. Think of the reputational damage a roadside provider with a violent criminal history or tendencies of theft could do. 

Of note, in some states there are new restrictions on what can be reported on some misdemeanor offenses, such as the sale, manufacture, and distribution of marijuana. The reporting rules vary by jurisdiction, and although the offense may have been illegal at the time it was committed, it’s possible that it can no longer be included in background reports. The key consideration here is whether the record is relevant to the role and whether there is a risk – reputationally, financially, or operationally – that the organization should be aware of.

Continuous Monitoring

After the initial background screening, PlusOne Solutions offers continuous criminal record monitoring to ensure that your service providers adhere to your organization’s requirements throughout their engagement and that no criminal issues arise. Without our proactive monitoring service, you could be unaware of a contractor having an arrest for a crime or other change to their criminal record.

When we continuously monitor your roadside assistance providers, we can alert you right away when there is a problem. This knowledge allows you to locate another driver or shift your workforce around to cover the absent individual. 

background check for roadside assistance providersPlusOne Solutions Is Your Background Check Partner

The roadside assistance industry provides a valuable service for motorists. It is your responsibility as an organization to do everything you can to ensure those motorists are safe and your reputation is protected. Contact PlusOne Solutions to see how partnering with us for your background check for roadside assistance is good for your business.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

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