Quarterly Compliance Update

Quarterly Compliance Update, Q2 2022

Quarterly Compliance Updates | July 11, 2022


Drug Testing Port Reminder  

In a follow-up to our June 2021 communication regarding changes to our port process, we wanted to provide a clarification specifically regarding ports for drug screenings. As a reminder, a “port” is the process of accepting a screening on an individual previously completed by another consumer reporting agency (CRA) and use it to meet network requirements.

With the changes we rolled out at that time, drug ports will not be accepted if a collection site is available in the area around where the individual lives or works. 

PlusOne has an extensive network of collection sites and can often find a suitable location for an individual to test at. If you cannot find a location through our online process, please contact us at 877-943-0100 and select the Background Screening or Drug Test applicant path in the phone system option (3), so that we can assist.

Drug test results are very time-sensitive, and we are unable to accept ported results from sites we do not have in our network and ensure the proper testing, process, and requirements are met.

Ports will only be accepted due to a lack of network coverage in the area of the individual and there is no fee for these ports to be processed by PlusOne Solutions.


Miya’s Law (Florida)

Effective July 1, 2022, Florida has instituted Senate Bill 898 which will require apartment complex owners to conduct criminal history and sex offender checks of any employees they engage. Named after Miya Marcano, a student was killed in her Orlando unit by a maintenance worker using a key fob.

While not likely applicable for most of our customers, agents, or servicing companies, we share this as an example of how tragedy is driving states to respond to calls for improved protection and security of individuals in their homes, which is relevant to many of the organizations we work with.

Court Record Turnaround Times

We continue to some improvements in turnaround times, access to records, and backlogs shrinking from the closures we experienced due to the pandemic, staffing delays, weather events, and other reasons. The backlogs are being cleared by our vendors and the courts and the processes are becoming more akin to what they were pre-pandemic.

We continue to see challenges on a county-by-count basis with respect to the access, accuracy, and thoroughness of the criminal records but aside from California, where the issue continues to be more widespread, the other jurisdictions with issues are more random. These challenges are an industry-wide barrier and PlusOne has been working closely with our industry association – Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and our criminal record vendor network – on updates and alternative offerings.




Document Management Initiative

PlusOne has implemented Phase II of several innovative technology projects for our customers in the last quarter which will improve the efficiency of the process, improve customer support and create a more streamlined user experience when working with us.

This Phase will improve the document submission process for our screenings, licensing, and insurance management operations and utilize a digital automation process, with machine learning textract features to collect, route, and read the documents provided to us in standard formats more efficiently. Coupled with this will be an upgrade to our email communication methods to include Smart Links which will direct, store and host documents in a secure and specific fashion within our systems.

We understand this has changed processes on your side and want to thank everyone for adapting and working with us as we continue to refine the process. Your feedback through the changes has been valuable and we are actively working to perfect the process based on this feedback. We’ve already seen positive results and are now processing insurance documents in less than one business day on average. We have also had great feedback from companies and insurance agents who are willingly taking advantage of the document upload features. We look forward to the benefits these will provide our customers, companies, and operations.



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