Quarterly Compliance Update

Quarterly Compliance Update, Q3 2021

Quarterly Compliance Updates | September 8, 2021


Each quarter, PlusOne Solutions provides a compliance update to keep you abreast of changes and updates in legal developments as well as company news. This information is provided for education only and does not constitute legal advice.




Compliance Obstacles in 2021  

Throughout the last year, PlusOne has continued to work with Customers to ensure their levels of compliance remain strong. So while 2020 and early 2021 were focused on challenges related to COVID – closures, short staffing, remote work – more recently we have seen some trends in Michigan and California related to the accuracy and thoroughness of the criminal records available. Specifically at issue has been access to court records and the depth of information on the records once received, such as limitations on the inclusion of date of birth.

Since our process relies heavily on being able to confidently and accurately identify an individual and any possible records, and to be able to report records in a timely fashion, we know this is a challenge for our customer networks. Unfortunately, it is an industry wide barrier at this time and we continue to take these case-by-case. For example, if we can conduct an alternate search, or we are receiving clear results, we are able to lower the impact of these changes. In some cases, however, we may see extended turnaround times.

We are working closely with our industry association – Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and our criminal record vendor network – on updates, progress and alternative service offerings. For unique situations or additional questions, please contact us at screenings@plusonesolutions.net for more information.




Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Training 2021

We have started the 2021 FCRA Training program for our Customers. This training covers the basics of the law, the responsibilities of requesting and using consumer reports as well as obligations for the destruction of information. Please watch for this notice and complete the training. PlusOne requests an annual certification from Customers to ensure their partnership in remaining compliant with FCRA obligations.




Texas State Board of Plumbing to Remain Intact

In May, the Texas State Legislature approved the continued existence of the Texas State Board of Plumbing. The board was at risk of losing the responsibility over plumbing education and issuance of licenses due to a lack of successful oversight. With the approval, the board will have the resources needed to implement improvements and capabilities such as better education, career programs, background checks and additional examination locations. Read more


Arizona Loosens License Laws

Similar to changes that took place in California, Arizona has eased restrictions to obtain an occupational license. The new process now allows certain individuals who have been convicted of criminal offenses the ability to qualify for licenses they previously would have been disqualified from.  Read more


President Biden’s Administration Want to Relax License Laws Nationally

The Biden administration is looking to the Federal Trade Commission for new rules to reduce excessive occupational licensing requirements on a national level. Some of these changes would include license reciprocity and reducing restrictions such as giving a second chance to convicted felons by allowing them, in certain scenarios, to obtain a license. License reciprocity is when an individual or company can obtain licensing in another state without having to test. It is worth noting that when someone takes advantage of license reciprocity, they must still apply and obtain a license from that state. Many states, such as California, Arizona, Mississippi, and Iowa have already begun to pass laws that make getting a license easier.  Read more


New Mississippi Law for Occupational Licensing

Starting July 1st, Mississippi now issues occupational licenses to those who have a license in good standing in another state or, if no license is required in the previous state, at least three years of experience in their occupation. To receive a license, you must still apply but no testing or classroom training will be required. Read more





Business Insurance Premium Costs to Go Up

Premium increases for policies such as property, casualty and general liability are expected to see increases that haven’t been seen in 20 years. The hike in pricing is expected over the next year and is due to heightened loss awareness, higher demand, and increase in wages and the consumer price index. Read more



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