Quarterly Compliance Update

Quarterly Compliance Update, Q1 2022

Quarterly Compliance Updates | March 10, 2022


Court Record Turnaround Times Improving

While things are not yet completely back to normal, and we may well not ever get back there…we are finally seeing some improvements in turnaround times, access to records and backlogs shrinking from the closures we experienced due to the pandemic, staffing delays, weather events and other reasons. The backlogs are being cleared by our vendors and the courts and the processes are becoming more akin to what they were pre-pandemic.

We continue to see challenges on a county by count basis with respect to the access, accuracy and thoroughness of the criminal records but overall turnaround times to obtain results are decreasing. Specifically at issue has been access to court records and the depth of information on the records once received, such as limitations on the inclusion of date of birth. These challenges are an industry wide barrier and PlusOne has been working closely with our industry association – Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and our criminal record vendor network – on updates and alternative offerings.

For unique situations or additional questions, please contact us at screenings@plusonesolutions.net for more information.


Drug Testing for Marijuana

PlusOne is excited to announce that after working with customer feedback, seeking legal opinions and speaking with industry experts, our standard drug testing panel has been amended to remove marijuana from the drugs tested. This change was recently deployed and allows customers to respond to the changing landscape while remaining compliant with the myriad of laws around the handling of such testing and the extensive requirements being put in place to accommodate marijuana use.



Phone System Upgrade and Document Management Initiative

PlusOne has implemented several innovative technology projects for our customers in the last quarter which will improve the efficiency of the process, improve customer support and create a more streamlined user experience when working with us.

The first of these is a new i phone system that will help better route, diagnose and resolve calls by using information that we already have in our systems. The second enhancement, which is releasing in phases, will improve the document submission process for our screenings, licensing and insurance management operations and utilize a digital automation process, with machine learning textract features to collect, route and read the documents provided to us in standard formats more efficiently. Coupled with this will be an upgrade to our email communication methods to include Smart Links which will direct, store and host documents in a secure and specific fashion within our systems.

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