Quarterly Compliance Update

Q1 2023 – Compliance Update

Quarterly Compliance Updates | February 14, 2023


Marijuana Legalization Continues…

In Q4, we saw Missouri, the US Virgin Islands and Maryland legalize marijuana. In Maryland and Missouri, it was recreational marijuana and both recreational and medical marijuana in the US Virgin Islands. We expect this trend to continue and will advise as other states legalize.

“Weed Pardons”

Following on legalization efforts, many states continue to decriminalize marijuana, making previous convictions null, and/or they are granting “weed pardons” for lesser marijuana related drug convictions. President Biden has done this at the federal level and many states are also expunging, or suspending, records for lesser marijuana use and possession convictions. From a background screening perspective, this means that previously reported criminal convictions of this nature may no longer be reported. In many cases, we will not even receive the information back from our criminal record search. NOTE – PlusOne does not use database criminal record information, or reuse previously reported information, so each search is conducted anew and results are provided based on what is available at that time.

Submission Process Reminders

The PlusOne system is set up so that the relationships between contractors, servicing company and customers define the reporting of compliance information. To ensure the process runs smoothly, please remind your networks to use the proper URL when submitting background screens. When this is not done and they use our generic URL, the reporting information will not reflect in your dashboard, nightly file or API transmission. The URL is provided with each expiration notice and is always available from our team if they are unsure.

The quality of demographic information submitted is also very important for our process. The name(s), date of birth, and address information is used in various searches, and it is imperative that this information is accurate and complete. For example, when providing two last names, it is required to place both last names in the last name field instead of using the middle name field for one name or leaving one of the last names out. If names are missing, it may result in the cost and requirement for a new order, as we cannot adjust the order once it has been submitted.

The drug test reschedule process will create a second donor pass. It is important that the more recent, rescheduled donor pass is what the contractor brings to the collection site. This information contains important information to ensure the results report back to us, as well as identifying details for the individual and ensures timely reporting of results in our system.

Any reminders you can provide to your networks is appreciated!

Annual FCRA Training Is Here!

Our annual online Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) training kicked off this month. Your Customer Success contact has already provided the invitations to your designated contacts but if you have any questions, please let them know.

This training covers the basics of the FCRA law, the responsibilities of requesting and using consumer reports as well as obligations for the destruction of information. PlusOne Solutions requests an annual certification from Customers to ensure their partnership in remaining compliant with FCRA obligations. Completion of this training constitutes certification and keeps Customer users updated on their obligations when using consumer reports.


Digital document submission process

Our digital document submission process ensures quick and safe submission of your company’s proof of insurance documents and licensing.


To ensure smooth and complete transmission of the documents, here are a few things that you should remember:

–The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 5MB (500 KB) per file, and only .pdf .jpg .jpeg or .png file types can be uploaded.

-Remember to click on the Submit Documents button before exiting the upload page, or the documents will not be uploaded. You will see the following confirmation that your document was successfully uploaded. Please ensure you see this confirmation.

Once the documents are uploaded, allow 2 business days for processing. If you have any questions or difficulties while uploading a document, please contact us at (877) 943-0100 or support@plusonesolutions.net so we can guide you successfully upload the document

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