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Contractor Background Checks For Roadside Assistance: Why Should You Background Screen Tow Professionals?

Background Screening | May 30, 2023
contractor background checks for roadside assistance

Safety is the primary goal when your company provides roadside assistance services. It’s imperative to do everything you can to keep your customers and their vehicles safe. Performing contractor background checks for roadside assistance operators is key to protecting your customers and your business.

Why should you background screen tow professionals? These individuals are the face of your organization when they are providing roadside assistance services to your customers. Background checks mitigate risk to your reputation, save you money, and protect you from legal, operational, and reputational liability. 

If a contractor performs a criminal activity, that behavior reflects poorly on your business as well as opening up the potential for legal liability. Having knowledge of a contractor’s criminal history allows your business the opportunity to make informed decisions about who you work with. 

But when your contractor network is spread throughout a large geographic area, how can you keep up with it all? Contracting with businesses that operate automotive assistance services has many moving parts, and keeping an eye on every aspect of your contractor network can be daunting. However, it can be possible with excellent organization, recordkeeping, and management skills. That’s why we’re here.

At PlusOne Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing the best in roadside assistance compliance services. Here’s what we have to offer and why you should partner with us.  

Motor Vehicle Report

It makes sense to check a driver’s driving history before giving him the keys to a tow truck or allowing him to represent your company with his own tow truck. We search driving records using the subject’s name, driver’s license number, and state of issue for their driving status and history.

Our report also checks the accuracy of the information the tow professional gave against the information in the MVR (Motor Vehicle Report). The data we verify includes:

Knowing that your tow operators have clean driving records offers some solace. Still, you need more information to be fully informed about a driver’s background and their ability to operate a tow truck safely.

Criminal Background Checkscontractor background checks for roadside assistance

We recommend that all our contractor background checks for roadside assistance include a criminal background check. Just because a tow operator is a safe driver does not necessarily mean they are a good fit to represent your organization.

Aside from keeping your customers safe, imagine the damage to your business’s reputation if one of your tow professionals were to be arrested for theft or assault. It could take years to regain customer trust. 

PlusOne Solutions conducts criminal background checks using the National Criminal Database and individual county courthouses to get a complete picture of an individual’s criminal history.

Identity Verification

Our team of specialists uses identity search tools to verify the contractor’s personally identifiable information. Our research includes verification of information, including:

Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Once we have conducted our comprehensive pre-employment background screening, you can feel confident that those in your contractor network have a background free from serious criminal or driving offenses. What about future offenses?

PlusOne Solutions offers continuous criminal monitoring in addition to the standard background screenings conducted every two years after the initial background check is completed. By watching your tow operators in near real-time, we are able to update you on any offenses almost immediately.

This proactive approach can alert your business if a tow operator has been arrested or charged with the following:

Since these contractors are in constant contact with your customers, contractor background checks for roadside assistance that include continuous monitoring are highly recommended. 

PlusOne Solutions Offers the Best in Background Screening Options

Our mission is to provide solutions to the extended workforce industry that heightens the safety of companies that use contractor networks. We will work with you to formulate a screening strategy that best fits your organization’s and your contractors’ needs. 

Protect your contractor network, customers, and reputation by partnering with our dedicated team at PlusOne Solutions. Contact us today to see how we can use our skills to serve your business.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

About PlusOne Solutions

PlusOne Solutions has been an industry leader in the risk management field by specializing in compliance programs that meet the complex challenges of geographically dispersed contractors, vendors, and employee networks. PlusOne Solutions protects companies from possible financial, legal, and reputational risks associated with contractor and vendor relationships while creating safer work environments. To learn more, visit

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