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Continuous Background Screening Services: A Complement to Traditional Background Screening

Background Screening | March 20, 2022

Can continuous background screening services replace traditional background screening? Here’s why this solution is a complement (and not a replacement) to the traditional screening method.

Contractor background screening programs are designed to keep work environments safe while mitigating legal, operational, and reputational risks. At PlusOne Solutions, we know the safety of your customers is your number one priority. That’s why we have designed each of our screening solutions to meet that need. 

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Our continuous background screening services are among these solutions. Some may wonder if this service can replace a traditional background check, but here’s why it’s not a replacement but a complement to traditional screening. 

Traditional Background Checks

Before your organization begins a relationship with a contractor, it’s a wise decision to run a comprehensive background screening to ensure that the contractor meets your requirements. Not only that, but your customers expect it. A traditional contractor background check can give you an initial and complete picture of the individual being screened by using position-appropriate record information. 

These more traditional screenings provide a more in-depth and detailed collection of searches than continuous criminal monitoring would deliver and can include information on criminal records, driving records, sex offender status, and drug screening information. The data that is collected during a background screening is accurate at the time that it is obtained, and this type of screening can, and often should, be repeated at regular intervals throughout your organization’s relationship with the contractor. 

Continuous Background Screening Services

If traditional background screenings are performed at the beginning of the contractor relationship and then periodically throughout, what are the options for monitoring potential criminal events that occur in between these screenings? Continuous criminal monitoring services from PlusOne Solutions can provide your organization with an ongoing view of the individuals that are in your contractor network and help you to be aware of any criminal issues that could arise. 

The information provided is done so in almost real-time and comes from:Continuous Background Screening Services

These alerts provide you with indications of potential risks and allow you to take action if necessary. 

Why Continuous Background Screening Services Aren’t A Replacement for Traditional Contractor Background Checks

Continuous background screening is conducted at the county level only, which is an ideal option for quick alerts and the most current information since the majority of potential criminal activity will occur in the geographic area where an individual works and lives. However, continuous background screening services don’t cover all of the screening elements that a traditional background check would, and that is why we encourage these services as an addition to your organization’s background check program. 

PlusOne Solutions: Your Answer to Contractor Compliance

As the industry’s most trusted provider of contractor compliance services, PlusOne Solutions provides continuous criminal monitoring as a part of our comprehensive risk management program. Contact us today to learn more about how this service can help your organization.



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