How long is a background screening valid for?

This varies by Customer, but an expiration period of two years is common across many network programs.

However, if you need to monitor a network more closely or want updates in-between the two-year periodic background checks, then our Continuous Criminal Monitoring program may work for your business. This ongoing monitoring service that takes a proactive approach to in-between screening dates. Depending on the industry, type of positions being screened for, and the role of background checks within the organization, a process for ongoing or periodic screening may be a suitable approach.

Who makes the decision on the results of a background screening?

The Customer holding the contract will make the eligibility determination. The contracted network company, working for the Customer, still maintains the responsibility for the hire and termination of the actual employee (or contractor) but the Customer will establish the criteria for who can work on their contracts. The contractor screening is this model will only determine if someone is eligible to work on the Customer contract, not actual employment.

What if a company refuses to do a screening?

In many cases, the screening requirement is embedded in the contract requirements for the company and although our experience shows about 5 percent of the network may refuse screenings, the vast majority of the companies will comply with the program. Historically, if the contract requirements we not enforced, the contracted company has been able to elude the screening requirements, which would put customers and others at great risk. An important consideration with the contractor screening program is that a criminal record alone will not make someone ineligible to work on that contract. All decisions are based on the relevant level of risk a criminal or driving record may bring and the goal is not to eliminate people through the screening process who might be skilled and competent contractors.

What is included in your screenings/background checks?

We can customize your screening based on your specific needs, but our most commonly requested package consists of the following components:

  • 7-year address history search to identify the locations where the person has lived, worked or attended school
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • US County Criminal search to include misdemeanor and felony records
  • US Federal Criminal Court searchUS national database search, including criminal record, state Sex Offender Registries, Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and other government watches and sanctions
  • Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry search
  • State Motor Vehicle Search
  • Drug Testing
  • Canada Provincial Criminal Record Search

How do you bill for court fees?

We believe in making our solutions as easy as possible. We typically bundle the court fees into the base pricing, so you can benefit from predictive pricing.