Drug Testing Process Information

Additional information regarding PlusOne Solutions’ drug testing process.

The Collection Network

We have nearly 15,000 SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) certified laboratories throughout the U.S. This means the operations and their equipment are strictly reviewed and audited by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to meet standards of quality.


Drug Testing Does Not Mean Zero Tolerance if Drugs are Found. 

Results consider the risks of drug use, such as:


The Drug Testing Process


drug testing process flow chart


Understanding Drug Test Results


Positive – presence of drugs above acceptable limits.

Adulterated – something has been done to alter the sample.

Shy Bladder – inability to provide a sample.

Substituted Specimen / Invalid Specimen – substance provided was something other than urine.

Negative Dilute – sample is too diluted to provide results, usually because of excessive water consumption before the drug test in an attempt to ‘flush’ drugs out of the system and buy time.

Positive Dilute – a diluted sample but there is a positive result identified within the sample.

Out of Range – sample is out of standard range for human body temperature, which often indicates adulteration or substitution. This will require a second drug test right away, possibly under direct observation, to ensure it is a valid sample.

Refusal to Test – status because the donor has been unable to provide a usable sample.

Negative – no presence of drugs above the acceptable limit.



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