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Can A Contractor Compliance Solution Make Your Business More Efficient? How We Work For You

Risk Management | June 14, 2022
contractor compliance solution

Is it starting to feel like you (or other team members) are spending more time on contractor compliance than on the necessary tasks that come with your role? Our contractor compliance solution was made for this. 

Manually tracking and monitoring compliance requirements in-house can be a considerable burden for any organization. Whether it’s been evident to you for a while that you need to look for other options, or if you’re beginning your search, there are a variety of contractor compliance solutions to choose from. In this blog, we’re sharing how we built our services at PlusOne Solutions to meet the needs of your organization and how they are specifically designed to increase efficiency and make you more compliant.

Our Contractor Compliance Solution

Contractor compliance is the part of contractor management that ensures your contractor or vendor network is operating both within the terms of their contract and according to the requirements of your organization. Well-managed contractor compliance reduces:

Putting the right system in place can help you by identifying well-qualified contractors and disqualifying individuals who are not. Your compliance strategy may include:

Background screening: Conducting background checks on your contractors allows your organization to select an extended workforce that meets your standards and reduces the risk of theft and violence. It also reduces the risk of exposing your customers to potentially dangerous individuals while the contractors conduct services on your organization’s behalf.

Continuous Criminal Monitoring: While a background check will look back into the contractor’s history, continuous monitoring allows for active and timely updates on select crime or incarceration events that involve individuals you contract with. Continuous monitoring results are effective from the date the individual is entered into the program and forward from that date on.

COI Management: Certificate of insurance management helps to reduce your organization’s exposure to uninsured or underinsured contractors. It reduces rejected insurance-related claims, ultimately saving your organization money.

License Monitoring: Ensuring that your contractors have trade-specific licenses usually means that they’ve completed a minimum number of hours of work as an apprentice and that they passed standardized tests to be qualified to perform a specific type of work that you have contracted them to do. This will ensure a higher quality of work performed for your customers, as well as a better customer experience since the work is completed the right way from the start.

COI Tracking Webinar Replay

How Our Contractor Compliance Solution Makes Your Business More Efficient


Poor-quality data and information impose immense costs and risks on businesses every year. As a contractor compliance solution partner, we can provide our clients with highly accurate data on their contractors’ license and insurance information. This allows them to make decisions and stay compliant with national, state, and local regulations. It also avoids productivity loss and mistakes made due to incorrect information. 

Experiencecontractor compliance solution

Contractor compliance is what we do. At PlusOne Solutions, our work weeks are built around the risk management services that we provide to our clients, and those services are accomplished by highly-experienced individuals who have operated in the compliance realm for years. We provide certainty to businesses in the contractor engagement process through a comprehensive selection of background checks, drug testing, and compliance management solutions. Our leadership team has decades of experience in operations and contractor and vendor networks, and this allows us to bring that experience to your organization. 


We know that timely reports and accurate information are integral to your organization. We take the time to ensure that the information we provide to your organization follows our rigorous quality assurance standards and that final reports are audited to ensure accuracy. This level of transparency in reporting allows your organization to make strategic decisions regarding your compliance program. We consider ourselves to be your true compliance partner, and we can assist you in developing a program that matches your needs. 

If you would like to learn more about our contractor compliance solutions, reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

About PlusOne Solutions

PlusOne Solutions has been an industry leader in the risk management field by specializing in compliance programs that meet the complex challenges of geographically dispersed contractors, vendors, and employee networks. PlusOne Solutions protects companies from possible financial, legal, and reputational risks associated with contractor and vendor relationships while creating safer work environments. To learn more, visit

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