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PlusOne Solutions Now Offering Continuous Criminal Background Screening

Background Screening | Company News | March 2, 2020
Continuous Criminal Background Screening

PlusOne Solutions, a provider of compliance and risk management solutions that meet the complex challenges of contractor networks, announced the release of their Continuous Criminal Monitoring program.

A proactive approach to background checks, the Continuous Criminal Monitoring program is an FCRA-compliant service that provides near real-time alerts on U.S. booking or incarceration activity that occurs within your service network or workforce after the initial background screening.

Criminal issues that occur between the standard two-year rescreen cycles can often go undetected and the ongoing monitoring of employees and contractors allows companies to see alerts on their network’s criminal activity, including DUI, assaults, theft, and more, that may increase risk and liability.

“Since there is usually a two-year period between the background checks a contractor undergoes, Customers were searching for a solution to monitor potential criminal activity between these screenings,” said Michelle Leblond, Executive Vice President of Compliance and Privacy at PlusOne Solutions. “Although this doesn’t replace the need for a full background screen, this is another mitigation tool our Customers can utilize to demonstrate due diligence and monitor their network’s activity.”

Continuous Criminal Monitoring vs. Traditional Background Checks


Companies that rely on contractor networks of varying sizes are challenged with maintaining compliance throughout their relationship with a contractor. Although they conduct periodic background checks on their network every two years, how do they know if something happens in the meantime?

That’s the gap of information Continuous Criminal Monitoring could solve.

Instead of reviewing only historical results like a traditional background check provides, continuous monitoring is the ongoing process of reviewing U.S. county-level criminal records and provides notice within 24 hours of incarceration or booking event.

While continuous criminal monitoring does not completely eliminate the need for periodic comprehensive background checks, PlusOne Solutions’ sources cover over 85 percent of the population and is a suitable search to identify potential behavior that may pose a risk to your business, customers, brand, customer loyalty, and reputation.

“Continuous Criminal Monitoring is one more way PlusOne Solutions has continued to improve our risk mitigation portfolio, added value to our U.S. Customers and helped them improve the quality and compliance of their contractor networks,” Leblond said. “We look forward to continued opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to be a strong partner with our Customers.”



To learn how Continuous Criminal Monitoring is already having an impact, read our case study titled ‘Continuous Criminal Monitoring: A Proactive Approach to Monitor Contractor Networks’.


For more than 15 years, PlusOne Solutions has been an industry leader in the risk management field by specializing compliance programs that meet the complex challenges of geographically dispersed contractors, vendors and employee networks. PlusOne Solutions protects companies from possible financial, legal and reputational risks associated with contractor and vendor relationships while creating safer work environments for everyone and is an Accredited Background Screening Agency by the Professional Background Screening Association.


Contents are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Users are reminded to seek legal counsel with respect to their obligations and use of PlusOne Solutions services.

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