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Knowledge Assessments & Reports on Demand 24/7

KnowlegePLUS provides a robust suite of reporting tools so our clients can determine in real-time which technicians have the proper training and certifications to be dispatched to a specific call.

Reports can be generated for each technician, for an independent service provider, or for the entire service network so our clients are able to quickly determine shortages in coverage for particular products or trainings.

Our Integrated Testing System Allows Us to Deliver and Score Many Types of Tests, Assessments and Questionnaires

There are 4 different stages in creating assessments: Authoring, Scheduling, Delivery and Reporting.

  • Authoring – You will provide us with your exams, surveys, and questionnaires.  We will enter the topics, questions and assessments according to your criteria.  
  • Scheduling – The process of specifying which participant can take an assessment and when they can take them.  We can assign assessments by groups or individuals.
  • Delivery – The process by which the participants receive their assessments.  Our assessments are delivered via the web and accessible to only authorized participants through the training portal.
  • Reporting – When participants have taken their assessments, you can use the web-based program for reporting and analysis of the data.  You will have your own login to view your customized reports.

Upon successful completion, consistent and controlled certificates are issued to your tech certifying their proper training and skills.

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