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Training Empowers Your Service Network to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

Service organizations are measured on metrics such as first-time-fix, time onsite, and accuracy of initial problem diagnosis. These metrics determine the costs associated with customer service calls, and also directly impact the quality of the customer service experience.

It was noted in a recent survey 40% of negative service events were a result of inadequate technician training. Of these negative events, 26% could have been prevented if the field technician had proper product training and real-time access to product information required to achieve a first time fix.

It has been shown consistent training of field service technicians and real-time access to product information while onsite at a service location directly result in significant reductions in misdiagnosis, parts usage, and trips per repair. In turn, there is a direct correlation between a properly trained field service network and customer loyalty, profitable service centers, and repeat sales.

PlusOne’s® KnowledgePLUS is a robust training and information platform that provides geographically dispersed field service technicians with 24/7 access to highly interactive trainings, product information and updates, and installation processes.

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