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Use Drug Testing Services to Screen Your Employees for Substance Abuse

A recent U.S. Department of Labor report states employers lose approximately $81 billion annually in lost time and productivity, as well as increased health care and workers’ compensation costs, due to drug use in the workplace.

In addition, business liability increases when workers are driving or working in an impaired condition. Consider as well the impact of substance abuse on the reduction of inhibitions – and then ask yourself if such a person should be representing your business in an in-home or on-premises setting. Your customers and the public are put at risk when these impaired individuals are representing your company or organization.

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9-Panel Drug Screen

Vendors and contractors can mitigate these risks by requiring contracted employees to commit to drug tests once every two years, as well as random and for-cause testing.

PlusOne Solutions® offers a standard 9-panel drug screen for all relevant drug and chemical categories. Through our many partnerships, we have access to more than 5,000 collection sites across the U.S. and Canada, making it faster, more accessible and more cost effective to provide drug testing services.

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