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Verify the Badges & Credentials of Contracted Workers Using CheckMyBadge

It’s scary to think about, but far too many of us have opened our doors to repair or installation people without verifying whether they were authorized by the company we contracted for service. And, in some cases, people have opened their doors to unannounced or unrequested trades people without checking any identification.

Recent news stories have discussed, often in frightening detail, the unfortunate consequences of improperly managed contractor and vendor relationships on the safety and security of customers, employees, visitors and even other vendors.

With growing uneasiness about contracted workers, what’s the most effective way for customers to know people entering their homes and premises have been background screened and actually represent your company? Allow them to verify it through badges and/or other credentials.


Using PlusOne’s® badging and credentialing program CheckMyBadge, verified workers wear a badge with their name on it clearly identifying them as your representative. This is augmented by a voluntary program contractors can participate in that allows customers to verify the validity of the badge provided. By simply using a smart phone to scan a QR code on the badge or logging onto a secure website, users are brought to the PlusOne® verification page, which provides additional information on the background screening and drug testing programs in which these workers have successfully participated.

Badging and credentialing work. They provide peace of mind and identify your business as one that cares about (and took the extra effort to confirm) the safety and security of its customers.

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