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Make Your Customer’s Safety a Priority by Enrolling in Our Safe Contracting Program 

Corporations and institutions spend years developing their brands and reputations.  Unfortunately, these can be destroyed or severely crippled by a single contractor or vendor incident that could have been avoided. And in today’s litigious society, companies have become the target of negligent hiring lawsuits as a result of the activities of their contracted workers.

Reduce the Risk of Employing Potentially Unsafe Service Workers

Contracted companies, vendors, independent contractors and the organizations that hire them are on the front lines when it comes to managing the risks associated with the in-home and on-premises services they provide to customers.  These contracted workers become the face of your organization and, in fact, customers expect the people servicing their needs have been properly vetted to ensure they, their family, and property are protected. 

Without a systematic way to identify individuals who can pose risks to your customers, as well as to your company’s finances and reputation, these contracted workers could include violent criminals, felons and others who are impaired through drug use.  

Recent Research Indicates Consumers Expect Businesses They Work with to be Mindful of their Safety and Security

In fact, more than 90 percent of consumers surveyed believed service contractors who had provided in-home services had been background screened - when in fact most never have been. However, one in five consumers did not feel safe while these individuals were in their homes and, of this number, 35 percent were still concerned about their safety after the service person left.  

These same consumers said they prefer to work with companies that properly screen service providers.  In fact, 96 percent said they were more likely to hire a company with a background screening certification, if they were given the choice.  As for criminal and background screening, 9 out of 10 said it was either extremely important or very important.

Because this issue is so important to our clients and their contractors, PlusOne® has created its Safe Contracting program – the industry’s only full service program -- to provide these assurances through the following elements, as well as document administration and training:

All of our programs help you minimize risk exposure while demonstrating your organization has done the right things to protect the safety and security of customers and other key groups.  

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