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Verify the Licenses and Certifications of Your Contractors and Vendors

You may know which industry and governmental entities regulate your operations, but who verifies and manages the licenses and certifications of your contractors and vendors?

PlusOne Solutions® does this for you, separating the professional contractors and vendors who maintain their licenses and certifications from the unlicensed ones who can pose a number of risks to your organization.  Areas we verify include:

•    Trade and industry licenses
•    Those issued by a municipality, county, state, province or territory
•    OSHA
•    Tax resale
•    Product handling and recovery
•    Asbestos abatement
•    Other regulatory and industry requirements

PlusOne® starts by researching what’s required, based on your requirements, examining where the contractor does business, services performed, products serviced and the duration of licenses and/or certifications.  It’s only after we know what you need that we collect, verify and track their licenses and certifications; and then continue to monitor these requirements for changes and updates.

You may not even know what you don’t know, but PlusOne® does.  It’s our job to stay abreast of what you need and to confirm licenses and certifications are current and valid, so you can focus on your business and remain in compliance with industry and government regulations. 

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