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Use a Document Management System to Store, Track & Manage Your Businesses’ Records 

The term “compliance” doesn’t mean much if you’re not storing, tracking and managing the documents that make your business compliant.  Just ask yourself:  can you put your eyes on any document you need within minutes?

Every organization has unique challenges with regard to document management.  Large, multi-site organizations may be decentralized with critical documents spread throughout the company and not easily accessible - if at all.  Smaller organizations may lack the resources, time and technology to store documents safely and securely. 

With consolidation, relocations and outsourcing, companies may find it increasingly difficult to know where documents are maintained.  In some cases, regardless of organization size, oversight has been limited and documents can’t be located at all, creating the risk of possible claims. 

Storage and Access are Only Part of the Equation

What’s also important is what’s done with your documents and at what cost.  And that’s where PlusOne Solutions® excels, offering a full range of cost effective electronic document management systems: 

  • Storing, tracking and managing contractor and vendor compliance documents
  • Providing reliable and timely retrieval of documents
  • Maintaining retention and destruction programs

We turn your data into usable information by incorporating it in a centralized, easy to understand and accessible web-based work management system. These documents can be accessed remotely from any device with an internet connection (i.e. smart phones, tablets, etc.) and are available 24/7 so now you can work smarter as well as being compliant.  

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