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Get Access to Highly Trained Telecommunications Techs 

The telecommunications industry is experiencing unprecedented change as broadband, mobile and cable services are rapidly consolidating into a single, complex and highly competitive industry. As technology continues to evolve, customer expectations on product and service offerings will grow, and only the companies that are able to address these expectations effectively will survive the current industry changes.

In many communications companies, field service operations account for over 50% of the company’s overall operational costs. As a result, there is an urgent need to implement service processes that optimize the entire field service organization.

The Capacity Gap Within Field Service Networks

One of the most urgent needs in telecommunications field service organizations is the ability to fill the capacity gap between available field technicians and customer service needs. Service organizations that over-hire field technicians pay a heavy overhead price (and still may not have the right skill sets available when needed), while under-staffed service teams are not able to properly service customers in a timely manner.

PlusOne Solutions'® Service Network enables our clients to address the capacity gap by providing a robust network of highly trained field technicians “on call” to service customers as needed. PlusOne® has cataloged and verified the skills and certifications of thousands of independent service providers in our network, and constantly monitors ISPs to ensure their skill sets are current and relevant to the needs of our clients.

Increasing the Availability of Trained Technicians with the Right Skills for Each Call

Another issue telecommunications service managers face today is the need to ensure field technicians are all properly trained and certified on current equipment and installation/repair processes. The rapid evolution of technology has resulted in an urgent need for training solutions and product information available “on demand”, both online and via mobile devices. Due to the convergence of broadband, cable and wireless within the telecommunications sector, the ability to cross-train field technicians has become a highly urgent need within the industry.

PlusOne Solutions® provides our clients with a sophisticated online training platform, called KnowledgePlus, which is able to cost-effectively train customer service reps and field service technicians on relevant products, installation techniques and problem diagnosis. KnowledgePlus enables our clients to quickly create and maintain robust online training sessions incorporating client-branded multimedia and assessment tools that ensure your field technicians have the proper product training needed to service a broad range of customer scenarios.

KnowledgePlus also maintains the status of training certifications of every field service technician, and notifies relevant stakeholders of new required trainings or expiration of certifications requiring training renewals.

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