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Consumer & Commercial Products: Electronics, Appliance Manufacturers & Retailers  

Today’s consumers have a broad array of choices in every category of electronics, computer or appliance product segments. Furthermore, the Internet enables real-time communication of product quality and service opinions between consumers on consumer reporting sites, blogs and social networking sites.

The result is today’s manufacturers and retailers are required to provide both quality products and quality customer service as a baseline for competing in today’s information-driven economy.

PlusOne Solutions® has extensive experience in servicing manufacturers and retailers of consumer products, and has created a suite of services to address many of the most urgent needs for compliance and training services in this space. Our experience has enabled us to serve a range of brand name clients.

Do You Know the Backgrounds of the Technicians Being Sent to Service Your Customers?

Quality customer service and warranty support is now a requirement for manufacturers and retailers to maintain positive brand identity. In today’s information-driven culture, a single negative service incident can have devastating consequences on brand loyalty due to immediate access to product and service quality on the Internet. In order to reduce the risk of negative service events, manufacturers and retailers need to be meticulous in ensuring they have verified the backgrounds, insurance coverage, and required certifications for field service technicians that are sent into customers’ homes.

PlusOne Solutions® CompliancePlus service enables our clients to reduce the risk of sending inappropriate technicians into the homes of their customers. This service includes extensive criminal, driving and drug screening services. In addition, CompliancePlus can optionally include insurance validation for independent service providers and verification of relevant trainings and certifications for individual technicians. Results and relevant documentation are collected and securely stored in a FCRA-compliant system that notifies both our clients and the service providers of expirations or faults.

Product and Service Training Improve First Time Fix Rates

First-time-fix rates and turnaround times are critical metrics for controlling service costs while ensuring the highest levels of service quality for end-customers. In order to provide quality installation and warranty service, manufacturers and retailers are required to provide product training for their field service organizations.

These training sessions can be very expensive and time-consuming. They often require product staff and field technicians to travel and spend valuable time in closed-door training workshops. In many cases, the information is quickly outdated as new products and technologies are introduced faster than field technicians can be trained.

PlusOne Solutions® understands the training costs and product release issues that manufacturers and retailers are facing in today’s fast-paced global economy. Our KnowledgePlus service was developed specifically to address the unique product training needs of today’s evolving field service organizations. KnowledgePlus enables manufacturers to cost-effectively create and maintain an online library of training, assessment and certification programs for even the most complex product lines. KnowledgePlus also enables field technicians to have real-time access to product information, manuals and video-based installation and service demonstrations.

Recruiting and Onboarding – The Key to On-Demand Service Network Coverage

One of the biggest issues manufacturers and retailers face today is service coverage for products sold over broad geographies. This problem is compounded for organizations having an array of product offerings that require a diverse set of skills for customized installations or advanced repair events.

PlusOne Solutions® FieldServicePlus service helps our compliance clients expand their service networks with minimal up-front cost by providing fast recruiting and onboarding services with compliant service providers. The PlusOne® service network covers the entire US and incorporates a broad range of skills that enable our clients to service a variety of products in even the most remote locations. Furthermore, PlusOne enhances our coverage by offering full-service recruiting services to help fill coverage whitespace and emergency dispatch situations for our clients utilizing our compliance services.

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