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Our Amazing Team of Dedicated Risk Specialists Work with You to Ensure the Safety of Your Customers

This group works to protect the individual contractor's privacy by explaining the process, handling appeals and disputes, reviewing screening reports, verifying the necessary licenses and insurances are in place, scheduling drug screening appointments and ensuring the Safe Contracting Program's requirements are understood. By treating each caller with patience and respect, they strive to build confidence in our compliance process and ensure contractors support your program.

Our entire screening team has successfully passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) Basic Certification offered by National Association of Professional Background Screeners (“NAPBS”). Each were active participants in the NAPBS Accreditation process which was awarded to PlusOne in July of 2013, and are trained to understand the legislation which governs our screening, insurance and licensing products. They take their roles of protecting the family, home and consumers seriously. They are the front line for our operations and the reason for our success.

Here are some testimonials from Risk Specialists when they were asked what it means to be on the team:

“I realized more than ever how important my work at PlusOne Solutions® really is. Our home is older and in need of remodeling so I know what it is like to be at home alone and having to open your door to someone you do not know. There is nothing more comforting to me than knowing that the servicer at my door is licensed, screened, and insured. This is what PlusOne Solutions® makes possible for all of our clients and their customers.” 

“We talk to individuals every day and explain what a Safe Contracting Program really means. While I am helping them I get to hear about their job and what they do for customers. It is enlightening to hear how they really strive to help their customers.”

“I never thought of the numerous laws and regulations we abide by every day until I became certified by NAPBS for FCRA Basic. The training courses really pointed out how much we need to know and do to ensure compliance with the numerous federal and state regulations.”

“I know that when we must disqualify someone from the Safe Contracting Program we may have just protected a consumer or their family from harm. That’s the satisfaction I leave with every day.”

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